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Sibiu City Romania


Sibiu City is located in the southern part of Transylvania on the river Cibin and is situated at 45 ° 47 'north latitude (in line with Lyon) and 24 ° 05' east longitude (approximately in line with Athens). The altitude above sea level ranging from 415 meters to 431 meters in the Upper Town.
The town can be considered good right cultural capital of Romania due to secular traditions and artistic heritage which the town and neighborhood area  it owns.

The works of artists such as Andreas Lapicida, Sebastian Hann, Johann Martin and Frans Stock Neuhauser, one can see today visiting various places in the city. The first musical society was founded in 1818 and on concert stages in Sibiu have famous names of the time such as Franz Liszt and Johann Strauss. In Sibiu there time being a strong cultural base consists of two theatres, a philharmonic, a cinema, five libraries, five cultural centers, six various cultural institutes and ten museums.

The medieval fortress town, left intact after two world wars and untouched by the communist regime, still preserves the spirit and atmosphere much apuse centuries. The neighborhood of town, of which mention the area of cultural indubitable value known as' Sibiu Surroundings', and the resort Paltinis, Fagaras mountains from Transfagarasan until the Olt Valley and the surrounding villages contribute to a greater extent and to reputation Sibiu as the most important tourist destination in Romania.

City population is 170.000 inhabitants. The ethnic population is the following: Romans 95%, Hungarians 2%, Germans 1.6%, 1.4% other nationalities. Most of the population is Orthodox religion. The city of Sibiu is considered a good right as one of the most beautiful and well-preserved historic towns in Romania and Europe, with an architectural heritage which lies on 80 hectares.

At only ten km north of Sibiu was Ocna resort town known through the chain of lakes salted with strong curative effects. Sibiu is surrounded on two sides of Carpathian Mountains, south of the Fagaras Mountains Transfagarasan to Defile Olt, and on the western side Mountains Lotru and continued Mountains Cibin. The Paltinis resort are here at the highest elevation in the country.
We invite through these pages to discover a part of this national heritage. The town offers a multitude of possibilities for leisure time. Many shows and artistic cultural activities and sports are held weekly.

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