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Geographic area Maramures

Maramures RomaniaSituated in the north-western Romania, on the border with Ukraine, Maramures is the place where old traditions and art house is preserved like nowhere else in the country. Therefore strong points of tourism in Maramures is village life. Maramures traditional architecture occupies a place in art meant Woodprocessing of Romania and Europe, originality villages in the area consisting of carved gates. These together with wooden churches throughout the culture developed by a both sides of the mountain chain Gutai - Tibles. Maramures area offers many places worth visiting, such as the Merry Cemetery of Sapanta - the most attractive part of a holiday in Maramures, Iza Valley - the historic center of Maramures; Vaser Valley, Baia Mare, Sighetu Marmatiei.

Maramures RomaniaBorsa: The resort is situated at the foot Rodnei Mountains and Maramures, benefiting from a very attractive natural and tourist resources of many natural. It is located 91 km from Sighetu Marmatiei, 156 km from Baia Mare and about 10 km from Step Prislop, which connects between Maramures and Bucovina. Households: a rural mountain, are grouped around the resort or dispersed on high, which displays elements of old maramuresean tradition (carved wooden gates, rug, hand woven carpets of wool).

Ieud: it is one of the oldest settlements of Maramures - inhabited since ancient times by Dacia free "and the Romans. Ieud Church on the Hill: The Church called on the Hill or Church Balci, is considered to be the oldest building of its kind in Maramures (1364); painting, done in the Byzantine style primitive, was executed by the painter Alexander Ponehalschi, from Berbesti - Maramures, directly on wood in the year 1782, is recognized by UNESCO as part of universal heritage.

Black Spring ChurchBlack Spring Church - Maramures: located near Moses and dates from 1672 Horse's Falls: Located near the tourist resort Borsa - Complex in part of the Rodna Mountains; water together in a circus glacial trickle over a steep limestone resulting in a great waterfall (90 m)
Viseu de Sus: is located at 60 km from Sighetu Marmatiei and 18 km from the Borsa, the city itself is a target tourist center or, well groomed and green spaces through new construction along with the traditional single in the plentiful items architectural wood.
Barsana Church, which enters the top of the highest buildings of this type in Europe, is an exceptional point pinnacle - 62 m. It is a monastic remarkable by the fact that here the art is concentrated in wood carver from Maramures country. The monastery contains several buildings, all made with much taste, under the guidance Filofteia Oltean.

Maramures traditional worksSighetu Marmatiei: is located in the northern part of the Maramures and is located 55 km from Birmingham and 75 km from Borsa, has been a long time the most important cultural center of Maramures. Museum of Maramures: the central objective of tourism, with the largest section of ethnography that exposes tools and equipment related to the main traditional crafts (agricultural tools, tools related to art tissue, tilt, icons, masks, pottery, architectural elements). Department ethnographic outdoors: called Maramuresean Village Museum is located on the Hill Dobaies; around the wooden church, brought from the village Oncesti, develop a real village typical maramuresean. Households that enable visitors to understand the true essence of the folk architecture of Maramures County, as it was structured, over the centuries.

The Merry Cemetery SapantaThe „Merry Cemetery“ in Sapanta (18 km far from Sighetul Marmatiei), unique in the world, amazes through its originality. The wooden crosses sculptured and painted by the craftsman Stan Patras, turned it into an authentic museum. The colours of the crosses and the witty texts inscribed on them capture for eternity the essential episodes of life and show the strength of the Romanian spirit that does not fear death.
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