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Mamaia - seaside resort Romania


Mamaia seaside resortMamaia is one of the resorts is the symbol of the Romanian seaside. It is situated between the cities of Constanta and Navodari resort is a resort on the Romanian seaside with the highest number of tourists. Mamaia has become the most important holiday destination for tourists from Romania and beyond. Particular resort is a great beach width and length of its more than 8 km. Lately in Mamaia has invested heavily, both in the spa facilities, as well as upgrading the existing housing units. Mamaia is a large number of wells and new palm trees, promenade places, land sports seats playground for children, entertainment. One of the main attractions of the resort is Aqua Magic aquatic park that is a fun place for tourists.

Aqua Magic MamaiaAqua Magic is located at the entrance of the resort and tourists addresses of all ages, with a capacity of 2500 visitors. With an area of 4000 square meters of water park fun includes slides, pools and reservoirs. In this park there are restaurants, bars, fast food, Confectioner's trade, as well as souvenirs and pictures. Tourists can opt for a beach on tanning beds and bathroom in the pool. Aqua Magic is illuminated so that it can organize performances, parties and other nocturnal visitors having fun opportunities both day and night. For the first time here and built a dance floor in the open, with light effects and Sound and water games that works according to the pace and intensity of music.

Telegondola MamaiaTelegondola in Mamaia inaugurated in 2004 is an installation of transmission cable, which allows tourists to admire the height of the resort offers a wonderful resort of Mamaia, Black Sea and Lake Siutghiol. This is an achievement in Romania and only one of the few projects of this kind in the world. Telegondola project, with a transport capacity of 600-1500 persons per hour, is a tool aimed tourists willing to admire the high Mamaia, tourists can be taken up in two stations, the first hotel in the area of Pearl and the the second in the Casino area.

The tourists can actually fly over the Mamaia resort for about seven minutes at a maximum height of 50 meters. Gondole a capacity of eight seats, which was closed with natural ventilation, with sun protection and good visibility. To achieve Telegondola have used the latest equipment in accordance with international standards, offering tourists a great degree of safety. The length of the route traveled by such tourists is 2 km.
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