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Caves of Romania


Woman's CaveWoman's Cave - located near Baia de Fier, is a natural monument containing concretiuni limestone, true original embroidery, which gives it a special note. Reserve the Speleological is formed Bat Room, which hosts numerous colonies of bats and Bear Gallery, here is the bear bones of the cavern. Cave woman, now fully electrified, has served as shelter for men since era Middle Palaeolithic.

Scarisoara KarstScarisoara Karst - located in Bihor Mountains, the largest cave with ice in Romania and among some of the world and unique in south-western Europe, located at the altitude, has a glacier volume and a thickness of 20 meters, 75,000 meters Cubic, it has not melted again with all that has a length of about 3000 years.

Closani Cave - situated at an altitude of 433 meters, at the foot of Tripura Mountains, a cave that has easily accessible lakes, fauna and many special limestone.

Comarnic Cave - situated in the Banat Mountains , in the north of Anina, the slope left of the Comarnic valley  at an altitude of 440 m, is the longest cave in Banat, with a length of 4040m.  Comarnic cave, declared a natural monument, is composed of huge rooms connected by a rich network of galleries, arranged on two levels;

Buhui CaveBuhui Cave - is situated on the slope of the valley Buhui left in the mountains of Anina, at an altitude of 600 m. With a length of 3200 meters, the cave Buhui, owns one of the longest routes in underground Romania, para Buhui forming inside the cave more lakes and waterfalls;

Meresti Cave - the longest cave in the Eastern Carpathians, located in the Varghisului valley;

Cioclovina Cave - situated in north-west Sebes Mountains, is one of the largest reserves of speleology Romania; Cioclovina Cave, including complex karst Cioclovina-Ponor, with walls decorated with beads of amber inlaid into account the fossil bats, was inhabited since the Palaeolithic Superior;

Tura Mare Cave - located in Sebes Mountains, has the largest colony of bats in the country;

Bats CaveBats Cave - was near the town Moneasa and is decorated with stalagmite and Stalactite of different sizes, everything here springs and the river which passes near the treatment of Moneasa resort;

Crystal Cave - is made of black limestone rock;

Puciosului Cave - situated in the Massif Puciosu, near the town Balvanyos with strong hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide liberation, due to volcanic activity up to a million years;

Popovat Cave - a natural monument on the slope as a key Caras, at an altitude of 420 m;

Tecuri Cave - located in northern Sureanu Mountains, formed of very rich and rooms decorated with concrete limestone transparent colorless or different colors such as pastel pink and violet red;

Sura Mare Cave - was near the town Ponorsi is crossed by Ohaba river, which forms a lake inside, discovered here is the largest bat colony in the country;

Bears CaveBears Cave - located 86 km from the town of Oradea in common Sudrigiu at an altitude of 419 meters, has a special Speleological architecture, here are the fossils bear the cavern, disappeared after the 15,000 years, with a length of over 1 km, the Cave Bear is endowed with formations of Stalactite and stalagmite.

Sugau Cave - is accessible from the village Voslabeni, overlaid with three entrances and numerous galleries leading to some large caves;

Wind Cave - located on the left side of Crisului Quick, near Suncuius, with a length of over 4 km, is the longest cave in Romania is crossed by a course of underground water that has left various signs of corrosion.

Meziad cave - Speleological reserve located in Forest Craiului Mountains, one of the largest caves in Romania, with a length of 4750 meters on several floors.

Alive Fire CaveAlive Fire Cave - situated at an altitude of 1120 meters, two hours walking the cabin Padis, owns a glacier with a volume of 25,000 feet cubes, which shines in sunlight due to ceiling windows natural cave;

Tausoarelor Spring Cave - is situated on the slope left of Tausoarelor Spring Valley, near Barlea top, the cave with the greatest depth of 432 meters with Romania Cave Spring Tausoarelor owns underground galleries with a total length which stood at 16.5 kilometers, a Hydrography underground and a varied fauna.

Jgheabul Zalio Cave - to come Paraului Orb, with a level difference of 242 m, what a place to second place in Romania.

Huda's Pap Cave - there are two hours Salciua, in the Apuseni Mountains-Trascau, which stretches over a length of 2 km near the river an underground, with lakes and waterfalls.

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