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People started to be more thoughtful of their vacation, the turisment becoming one of the frecvent hobby in world. Once with the first tendintions of relaxation of the vacations in the middle of mother nature, the tourists number starting to grow that wanted to have the vacation party in a rural enviroment. The Romanian rural space is renamed carpatho-danubiano-pontic because it is carpatic in relief, the Dunare threw the hydrografic and pontic network with the opening in the Black Sea. Intalkable, this "geographic personality" must be doublet in time with turistic vocation.

The Carpathians mountains chain represents a special role for the weather, water, wealth, vegetation, fauna, sands, etc. He has the central position and fortress form or ring, because of this come-next-after the rest of the relief formes. But what confers this place are the impresionant views: the traceryes from the tale in chartic formes in chalcarous regions, cercuses and glacial valleys, empty peaks, novelty or weird forms  of the rocks.

Agrotourism RomaniaBeing given the richness and the beauty of the table-lands, those are well populated, and the traditions, popular habits delivers from generation to generation , like the legends and the storyes of the inhabitants are so many atractions near wines, brandy or gastronomic  traditionals cooking as invocation, and who had the chance to know them, as the neofit, can't rezist them.
The temperate continental climate, the radiating network of rivers that spring from the carpatic chain, mineral waters and termat with curative proprieties, the pasture and the fountains, the deciduous and young forests , lakes and ponds, Dunarea and her Delta, the everglades and the plains built up separate or at the meeting point, views with a powerfull personality, full of warming people witch come along with them.

Pension La RoataPension La Roata offers comfortable rooms and a rustic-style restaurant serving traditional dishes and drinks, recalling life in this region a century ago. This cosy, family-run guesthouse enjoys a beautiful and quiet location on the Toaca hill on the outskirts of the historic town of Gura Humorului in the Bucovina region of northern Romania. The town is well known for its interesting history, including the story of its Jewish community. The nearby Voronet Monastery is one of the famous painted monasteries of Southern Bucovina.

The Romanian Territory prezents a big variety of cultural historic values - popular arts, etnographics, folklore, traditions, historic vestiges, a natural harmonious background combined with a variated and picturesque fond view. All of this are the valents of the romanian rural tourisment in a special mode.

Pension Manoir MignonPension Manoir Mignon - the Manoir Mignon is a family business hotel situated in the center of Bucovina in Campulung Moldovenesc in a very nice and attractive countryside environment. On the agenda at the Manoir Mignon is nature, relaxation, good organic food, excursions and sports. The hotel is the best starting point to visit the painted monasteries of Bucovina, the monasteries of Neamt the wooden churches of Maramures and the Transylvania.

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